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  • 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN BIKE FRAME DESIGN (Paulus Quiros Frame Builders) - we understand how bikes and frames perform.

  • SICI (USA) TRAINED BIKE FITTER - combined with medical knowledge of bike fit. We understand how your body works with your bike.

  • WE ARE THE DESIGNATED CAMPAGNOLO PRO SHOP FOR OUR AREA- recognising the experience and training of our mechanics.



It is very important that a bike fits well and we have the training, experience and anatomical knowledge to ensure that this is the case.

Just to confuse things, different manufacturers use different sizing methods, so their bike sizes are not necessarily interchangeable. We can remove this confusion.

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Our approach is simple; for the vast majority of cyclists ride quality and handling are the priority. Bikes need to be enjoyable to ride, and to feel comfortable and secure. High performance bikes  need not be harsh and uncomfortable if they are designed correctly and fit the rider well.


There is a confusing array of bikes available, and an equally confusing amount of conflicting reviews about these bikes. What is a good bike? What style and size is correct? The truth is, one person's "agility" is another's "instability". The secret is understanding the cyclist, only then can we use our knowledge of frame design and bike fit to ensure the best possible synergy of cyclist and bike.



Bike manufacturers know that cyclists may consider the groupset as a good proxy-indicator of a bike's quality. A decent frame is expensive to develop, whereas groupsets are offered to manufacturers at very low prices.

A good frame will outlast a groupset, and you can update the groupset, wheels and tyres at any stage. The frame is the immovable determinant of a bike's ride quality and handling.

With years of experience in bike design we can identify the best bikes.


Road / Aero

We understand our range of bikes and can advise you on each bike we have in our range.

Swansea Cipollini

Road Bikes

Every bike manufacturer claims to have squared the circle of producing the "flexible-rigid" bike, that is a bike with excellent power delivery together with compliant ride quality. We have particularly looked for those bikes that get closer to this ideal than others. We also believe you do not need to be a contortionists to ride a performance bike. Whether it's the scenic costal paths or the glorious Black Mountains our local cycling is some of the best and most varied in the country, we can help you make sure you have a bike that suits you and your needs.

Swansea Triathlon

Aero Bikes

At increasing speed, air resistance becomes increasingly important. Aero-bikes cut through the air better than other bikes but they are not suitable for everyone or every event. When Romain Bardet came second in the Tour de France (2016) he used the Focus Izalco Max (a non-aero bike) in the time trial, the previous year Froome only changed to an aero-bike for the second part of the time trail. The bike frame is only 10% of your air resistance, you are 80%. Choosing an aero frame has significant affects on weight, handling and ride quality; make sure you are making the right choice.


assoss logo


ASSOS high performance cycling apparel.

ASSOS shorts are among the best available. A fact they are not only proud of, but strive to uphold.


Road Bikes


Road Bikes

A customised bespoke specification for an off-the peg price. 

We pride ourselves on getting every little detail right for our customers. For many of our bikes we can specify even the slightest detail, from stem length & crank length to gear ratioshandlebar width so you will receive a bespoke specification for a generic off-the-shelf price. 



These German engineered bikes from Germany's largest bike manufacturer have a well-deserved reputation for great ride quality and handling, as well as being some of the lightest bikes around. They produce some of the best climbing bikes we have seen, perfect for our local cycling. Unlike some manufacturers their exceptional quality extends from their race team's Izalco Max throughout their range.  Their bikes demonstrate that audax or gravel bikes are compatible with high performance and that you don't need the flexibility of a contortionist to ride a performance bike.



A classic Italian cycling brand with a pedigree only achieved through decades of innovative design. We consider their track, fixed and steel bikes to be exceptional. Their bikes demonstrate their innate knowledge of how to make great handling bikes with compact Italian geometry. Cinelli make lovely road bikes exhibiting Italian panache and style.

We offer a bespoke specification for an off-the-peg price

van nicholas

van nicholas

Van Nicholas bikes are synonymous with elegant titanium bikes that have a sublime ride quality. Their long experience with titanium has resulted in some of the most sophistcated titaimum bikes to be found. Perfect for audax, sportive and club rides. Titanium is famed for its lightness as well as its strength and corrosion resistance. Their frames have a lifetime guarantee.

We offer a bespoke specification on Van Nicholas



Strikingly beautiful and some of the very few carbon bikes still handmade in Italy. With their typically compact Italian geometry producing nimble handling and excellent power delivery, they demand to be ridden hard and fast. Should you wish to change your paint job, simply send your frame back to Cipollini. All bikes have a 10 year guarantee and can be returned to Italy for repairs.

We offer a bespoke specification on Cipollinis



Each Sarto is individually handmade in Italy exactly to the customer's size and specification. Exceptional build quality and personalised paint work make these bikes really stand out. It came as no surprise to us that the Asola was voted one of the best frames in the world by Tour magazine; with its excellent ride quality, exceptional lightness and power delivery. Specifying a bike’s geometry from scratch requires years of experience in bike fit and an understanding of bike design, which we are able to offer.

All Sartos have a bespoke specification and geometry


Aero Bikes


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Aero Bikes

With increasing speed, aerodynamics plays an increasingly important role, but that does not mean that an aero bike will be the right  bike for your next ironman or triathlon. These bikes have specific riding characteristics and are easily inappropriately sold to unsuspected cyclists seeking "free speed".

There is no doubt that a well-designed aero frame will have less drag. They are in their element on high speed and on relatively flat courses. The majority of TT races will take this into account. They are designed for a specific purpose and have a specific sweet spot.

Aero bikes have specific characteristic in terms of rigidity, stability, agility and weight. They are not all the same; they have individual strengths and weaknesses. If you are intending to ride endurance, or tackle arduous climbs and tortuous descents they may not be right for you. 


the best bikes to compliment ouR local conditions

Ceepo Mamba

Ceepo Mamba

The clever reversible seat post allows a very forward riding position perfect for adopting an aero position. The truncated aerofoil is an excellent compromise allowing lower weight and better ride quality whilst maintaining good aerodynamics. An excellent bike for our local hilly conditions.

Your fame only constitutes 10% of your aero drag, you will be 70-80%. 

In our opinion it is a waste of time having an aero bike if you do not intend to adopt an aero position for most of the time that you are on that bike.

Tifosi Auriga

Tifosi Auriga

This is a race proven aero road bike with a huge amount of fore-aft saddle adjustment. It is possible to adopt a very efficient aero position. You can have the handling and power delivery of a road bike with the aerodynamics of an aero bike. The Spirit Tifosi team achieved  40 victories riding Aurigas in the 2017 season.


Storck EAro 2

An uncompromising aero frame, with one of the nicest paint schemes ever to grace a Storck bike.


Storck  Aernario

This is a road bike with aero features. In general we find that riders are fitted further forward on StoRck bikes and this lends itself to a more aero-riding position, but this is not a fully fledged aero bike. Very good for the fast but hilly courses we have locally.


Wilier Cento 10 air

This is an Aero Road bike, You will need to adopt a relatively aero position to get the full benefit from this frame.